Global Analysis of Phosphorylation Networks

Global Analysis of Phosphorylation Networks

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Global Analysis of Phosphorylation Networks


Creative BioMart provides overall solutions for global analysis of phosphorylation networks to give a comprehensive insight into phosphorylation research and drug development. Our project team will work closely with our customers to tailor solutions to their needs and ensure they achieve their desired results sooner than later.

Introduction to Phosphorylation Networks

Protein phosphorylation mediated by kinases is one of the most important and widespread regulatory mechanisms of cellular signal transduction. Phosphorylation networks play a key role in almost every cellular process. Dysregulation of protein phosphorylation/dephosphorylation has profound effects on a variety of human diseases, such as cancer. Thus, elucidation of phosphorylation events is not only important for cell biology but also to be of potential clinical value. However, the landscape of phosphorylation networks has not been systematically explored yet. The construction and global analysis of phosphorylation networks will help researchers gain global insights into signaling pathways and is expected to advance the understanding of cellular mechanisms in human diseases.

A high-resolution map of the human phosphorylation network.

Figure 1. A high-resolution map of the human phosphorylation network. (Newman R H, et al., 2013)

Overall Solutions

  • In Vitro Phosphorylation Networks

    Creative BioMart offers a range of in vitro phosphorylation and kinase assays for measuring kinase activity, determining kinase-substrate relationships, mapping and analyzing phosphorylation sites, and helping customers obtain high-resolution phosphorylation networks that can contribute to their basic and translational research programs.

  • In Vivo Phosphorylation Networks

    Creative BioMart also provides advanced technology and animal models for identifying in vivo kinase substrates and phosphorylation sites, analyzing in vivo phosphorylation states, and systematically discovering in vivo phosphorylation networks to offer valuable evidence for the regulatory role of phosphorylation in living organisms.

  • Global Analysis of Human Phosphorylation Networks

    Creative BioMart applies both "top-down" and "bottom-up" approaches to construct comprehensive maps of dynamic phosphorylation networks and deciphering human phosphorylation-mediated signaling transduction to provide a global view of human phosphorylation networks and to offer new insights into potential biomarkers and novel targets for diverse human diseases.

  • Phosphorylation Networks Across Tissues and Diseases

    Creative BioMart has a scientific team that specializes in the global analysis of phosphorylation networks in vitro and in vivo to help customers gain insights into the mechanisms underlying human diseases and fill in the knowledge gaps of phosphorylation networks that form in different tissues or under disease conditions.

Featured Services

Creative BioMart is a trusted solution provider with many years of experience in kinase/phosphatase biology research and drug development. We have always been committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and customized services to accelerate their cutting-edge research and drug development pipeline. We fully support your project every step of the way to success.

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