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High-throughput Screening Platform

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High-throughput Screening Platform


High-throughput screening (HTS) is a high-tech tool that enables millions of automated biological or chemical tests to be performed on specific targets in a short period of time. It is especially used to hasten the drug discovery process and has become a standard method in the pharmaceutical industry. As one of the most important post-translational modifications, phosphorylation has a pivotal role in health and disease. High-throughput screening can greatly facilitate the high-throughput detection of cellular phosphorylation and the rapid identification of promising drugs targeting phosphorylation pathways.

Creative BioMart has established an advanced high-throughput screening platform for comprehensive phosphorylation analysis and the discovery of drugs targeting kinases and phosphatases. We have developed, optimized, and validated a series of in vitro and in vivo kinase/phosphatase assays for conducting high-throughput screening. Our scientific team is constantly improving the confidence on the high-throughput screening readout to provide reliable results for our customers.

Exploring Our High-throughput Screening Platform

  • GE-HTS

    Gene-expression based high-throughput screening (GE-HTS) combines RNAi screening and chemical genomics to screen for modulators of phosphorylation pathways without prior identification of biochemical targets.

  • Cell-based High-throughput Screening

    Combining different cell culture systems, multiple cellular assays with advanced imaging platforms to monitor the response of different types of cells to stimuli and drugs in more physiological environment in real-time.

  • Microarray-based High-throughput Screening

    High-throughput screening platform combining microarrays and label-free biosensors enables simultaneous screening of tens of thousands of phosphorylation-mediated interactions.

  • Label-free High-throughput Screening

    High-throughput screening based on label-free mass spectrometry allows for cost-effective selective detection of enzyme substrates in various biological matrices and consumes only trace amounts of sample.

Applications of Our High-throughput Screening Platform

  • Enzyme Profiling

    Evaluation of kinase and phosphatase activities, analysis of their interactions with substrates, and detection of highly variable phosphorylation events to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic phosphorylation and dephosphorylation events coordinately regulated by kinases and phosphatases.

  • High-throughput Drug Discovery

    Provide a flexible, multiplexed and more intelligent approach to identify active compounds (especially small molecule inhibitors) targeting kinases and phosphatase that have the potential to be further developed as drug candidates for the treatment of phosphorylation/dephosphorylation-related diseases.

Benefits of Our High-throughput Screening Platform

  • High Automation

    High Automation

    A robotic platform for highly automated and high-speed screening.

  • High Sensitivity

    High Sensitivity

    Single molecule detection and lower background signals.

  • High Flexibility

    Minimization of Sample

    Relatively small quantities of samples can be analyzed.

  • Professional Data Analysis

    Low Cost

    Shorten the drug development process and significantly lower costs.

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