Protein and Small Molecule Microarrays

Protein and Small Molecule Microarrays

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Protein and Small Molecule Microarrays


A major challenge in elucidating the essential role of phosphorylation and dephosphorylation in health and disease is the complexity and dynamics of their regulatory networks. Therefore, tools that can dissect the complexity of intracellular phosphorylation/dephosphorylation events and monitor dynamic changes are urgently needed to provide a spatial-temporal comprehensive assessment of phosphorylation status. Microarrays have been developed as such tools that can greatly facilitate the global profiling of biological states. Protein and small molecule microarrays have contributed significantly to the high-throughput screening of new compounds and the discovery of potential drugs targeting phosphorylation pathways. Advances in technology continue to drive microarrays to become more reliable and available.

Creative BioMart has developed a series of protein and small molecule microarrays for studying phosphorylation/dephosphorylation events and to support the screening and discovery of new drugs. Our scientific team also has the ability to develop and validate novel microarrays, providing our customers with powerful tools to advance their biological and pharmaceutical research.

Exploring Our Protein and Small Molecule Microarrays

  • Kinase/Phosphatase Microarrays

    Immobilization of selected kinases/phosphatases or their potential substrates on microarrays to decipher the specificity and function of kinases and phosphatases.

  • Phosphopeptide Microarrays

    Advanced phosphopeptide microarray technology allows for high-throughput interactome studies and comparative proteomic profiling of cell lysates.

  • Phosphoprotein Microarrays

    Directly staining and detection of phosphorylated proteins without the use of radioisotopes or antibodies to obtain rapid quantitative results.

  • Antibody Microarrays

    Qualitative or semi-quantitative profiling of kinases, phosphatases, and related proteins with antibodies in cell culture media, cell lysates or tissue lysates.

Applications of Our Protein and Small Molecule Microarrays

  • Substrate Identification

    Global identification of kinase/phosphatase substrates and rapid determination of proteome-wide enzyme-substrate interactions.

  • Global Profiling

    Comprehensive profiling and functional analysis of global phosphorylation patterns in cell or tissue lysates to construct a comprehensive phosphorylation network.

  • Disease Research

    Tracking temporal changes across the phosphoproteome hold particular promise for dissecting disease-associated phosphorylation.

  • Drug Discovery

    Screening drug targets and understand molecular interactions without prior knowledge of the structure or function of the protein.

Benefits of Our Protein and Small Molecule Microarrays

  • High-throughput


    Large amounts of samples can be screened and profiled at once.

  • High Sensitivity

    High Sensitivity

    High sensitivity assays performed on microarrays to ensure the accuracy of results.

  • Professional Data Analysis

    Professional Data Analysis

    Modern methods for reading, analyzing, and managing microarray data.

  • Cost-effectiveness


    High performance microarray platform with low-cost and rapid detection ability.

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