Custom Antibody Purification for Phosphorylation Research

Custom Antibody Purification for Phosphorylation Research

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Custom Antibody Purification for Phosphorylation Research


Creative BioMart has extensive experience in providing high-quality custom antibody purification services to support kinase/phosphatase biology research and pharmaceutical development projects. As a leading biotechnology company, we offer a wide range of purification options for different types of antibodies to achieve superior performance.

Introduction to Antibody Purification

Antibodies have become an indispensable tool for basic life science and biomedical research. Many different types of antibodies have been developed for a myriad of applications. In order to obtain antibodies with desired properties compatible with a wider range of applications, many different purification strategies have been successfully developed. It is important to match the purification protocol with the types of antibodies and the intended applications. Antibody purification methods can be broadly classified into physicochemical fractionation, class-specific affinity purification, and antigen-specific affinity purification. The format of purified antibodies may vary from crude to highly purified.

Purification of the antiserum.

Figure 1. Purification of the antiserum. (Cai N L, et al., 2017)


Creative BioMart has successfully complete numerous challenging antibody purification projects, helping our customers save time and effort. Our purification services cover almost all types of antibodies and antibodies from different sources. We also provide a full set of services from antigen preparation to antibody analysis to help our customers obtain the required antibodies as soon as possible.

Types of Antibodies
Monoclonal antibody Polyclonal antibody Recombinant antibody
Phosphorylation-specific antibody Anti-idiotypic antibody Single domain antibody
Bispecific antibody HCP antibody Chicken IgY antibody
IgG antibody IgM antibody IgA antibody
IgE antibody Fab fragments F(ab')2 fragments
Different Sources for Antibodies
Serum Ascites fluid Cell culture media
Tissue culture supernatant Egg yolks Online inquiry

Service Options

Creative BioMart offers a wide selection of antibody purification methods. Our scientific team will help our customers choose the right strategy to meet their specific needs from small-scale to large-scale antibody purification. Our service options include, but are not limited to the following:

Optional Methods Description
Ammonium sulfate precipitation
  • Commonly used to purify antibodies from ascites fluid, serum, or cell culture supernatant.
  • Different antibodies precipitate at specific concentrations of ammonium sulphate. The purity depends on time, temperature, pH, and rate of salt addition.
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC)
  • Antibodies can be separated according to the differences in size and molecular weight.
  • Mild conditions, high yield, and easy scaling up.
Ion exchange chromatography (IEC)
  • Based on the net charges of antibodies, positively or negatively charged resins are used to bind antibodies in a given buffer system.
  • Cost-effective, gentle and reliable.
Immobilized metal chelate chromatography (IMAC)
  • Chelate-immobilized divalent metal ions are used to bind antibodies that contain clusters of three or more consecutive histidine residues.
  • Binding and elution conditions can be optimized for particular antibodies to provide gentle and reliable purification.
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC)
  • Efficient reduction of host cell proteins.
  • The separation can be performed under non-denaturing conditions.
Thiophilic adsorption chromatography (TAC)
  • Group-specific and salt-dependent.
  • High purity and recovery of antibodies can be achieved by decreasing the salt concentration for elution.
Affinity chromatography
  • High selectivity and rapidity.
  • Protein A, G and L for IgG purification.
Large-scale antibody purification
  • Higher antibody yields with reproducibility.
  • Straightforward and productive high-throughput purification.

* If you can't find what you are looking for in the options above, please fill out the online inquiry form and let us know more details.

Creative BioMart provides comprehensive and flexible custom antibody purification services to meet the specific needs of our customers. We have an advanced technology platform and a comprehensive range of antibody products. If you are interested in our services or products, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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