Antibody Pairing for Phosphorylation Research

Antibody Pairing for Phosphorylation Research

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Antibody Pairing for Phosphorylation Research


Creative BioMart has many years of experience in developing antibody pairs to help customers accelerate their kinase/phosphatase biology research and drug development programs. As a leading biotechnology company with extensive experience in antibody development, we provide complete upstream and downstream support services from antigen preparation to antibody analysis.

Introduction to Antibody Pairing

Typically, antibodies can be produced against different antigenic determinants of an antigen. Antibody pairs refer to two different antibodies that can simultaneously bind to the same antigen against different epitopes or binding regions. This unique property makes antibody pairs present great potential in biological research. Antibody pairing is the further development and application of antibodies. Antibody pairs that typically include a capture antibody and a detection antibody are the basis of many biological assays and are powerful tools for quantifying target analytes from complex samples.

The available formats of antibody pairs can be two monoclonal antibodies, two polyclonal antibodies, or one monoclonal antibody and one polyclonal antibody. Since monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies each offer distinct advantages, it is necessary to understand their differences and how to use them during antibody pairing process. Antibody pairs can be applied in a diverse set of applications, such as sandwich ELISA, IP-WB, and protein-protein interaction. In kinase/phosphatase biology, antibody pairs are a powerful tool for enzyme activity detection and protein expression level quantification.

ELISA procedure, effect of buffer during pre-incubation and standard curve.

Figure 1. ELISA procedure, effect of buffer during pre-incubation and standard curve. (Jagarlamudi K K, et al., 2015)

Service Options

Creative BioMart offers efficient antibody pairing services to help our customers save time and cost when developing assays. Simply provide us your antigen or antigen sequences, we will deliver the validated paired antibodies as soon as possible. If you have any questions about our services, please fill out the online inquiry  form and let us know more details. We work closely with customers to deliver satisfaction in any application.

Antigens Antigens can be prepared by customers or we can offer the intact antigen preparation and characterization services.
Host species Multiple species are available, such as rat, mouse, and rabbit.
Antibody pairing formats mAb/mAb, pAb/pAb, and pAb/mAb.
Deliverables Validated antibody pairs with QC reports.

Standard Service Process

Standard Service Process

Features of Our Services

  • Guaranteed specificity and sensitivity.
  • Flexibility to meet specific needs for downstream biological assays.
  • Antibodies can be ordered in bulk quantity.
  • Cost-effective and time-saving.

Creative BioMart can provide our customers with monoclonal antibody pairs, polyclonal antibody pairs or combinations that are validated for downstream applications. Ready-to-use matched antibody pairs and a large collection of validated antibodies are also available. If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Jagarlamudi K K, et al. A new sandwich ELISA for quantification of thymidine kinase 1 protein levels in sera from dogs with different malignancies can aid in disease management. Plos one, 2015, 10(9): e0137871.
For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.