Structure Validation of Kinase/Phosphatase Family

Structure Validation of Kinase/Phosphatase Family

Structure Validation of Kinase/Phosphatase Family


Creative BioMart has a scientific team specializing in structural biology to provide reliable structure validation services for kinase/phosphatase biology research and drug development. We offer a comprehensive structure validation services to help our customers obtain accurate and reliable crystal structures for downstream applications.


In structural biology, it has become critical to provide experimental data and atomic coordinates to validate structural models come from experiments such as X-ray crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). An accurate understanding of the strengths and limitations of structure models plays a significant role in elucidating and controlling the functions of biomolecules. Poor crystal structure refinement is usually the result of less-than-ideal experimental conditions, limited data precision, and wrong structures. For a given structure, there is a need to quickly and efficiently decide whether it is acceptable or simply incorrect, or further refinement is required.

Structure validation mainly focuses on the validity of the experimental measurements, the consistence between the experimental data and the atomic model, and the consistency between the structure models and the known chemical and physical properties. Structure validation tools are designed to assess the reliability of three-dimensional atomic models of biomolecules, such as proteins and nucleic acids, and aid in decision making. Structure validation is an iterative process until there are no longer any problematic regions that can be further improved. However, there is a lack of universal standards and perfect tools for structure validation.

A resistant ERK8_F92I mutant confirms the predicted ATP pocket-binding mode.

Figure 1. A resistant ERK8_F92I mutant confirms the predicted ATP pocket-binding mode. (Strambi A, et al., 2013)

Service Options

Creative BioMart offers comprehensive service options for structure validation to support our customers' cutting-edge research and accelerate their journey to success. We can help validate structures in databases or structural data provided by customers. A full set of services from crystallization to structure validation are also available to save your time and cost. If you have any additional requirements, please fill out the online inquiry form and let us know more details.

Applicable Sample Types

Nucleic acid structure
Protein structure
Complex structure
Small molecule structure

Applicable Techniques

X-ray validation
NMR validation
Cryo-EM validation
SAXS data validation
In silico structure validation

Stages of Structure Validation

Raw data validation
Model-to-data validation
Structural model validation

Creative BioMart has many years of experience and expertise in structural biology and kinase/phosphatase biology. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technology, we can deliver reliable and efficient structure determination and validation services to meet our customers' requirements. We ensure that any data or details you provide will be kept strictly confidential. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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