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Phosphatome Platform


Phosphatases catalyze the removal of phosphate moiety from the substrate. The phosphatome of an organism that is defined as a subset of the genome consisting of genes encoding phosphatases can be subdivided into protein phosphatome and non-protein phosphatome. Currently, more analyses have focused on the protein phosphatome with broader regulatory functions. Phosphatases with high evolutionary diversity and complexity are classically considered to be promiscuous, which makes phosphatase research highly challenging. A comprehensive analysis of the phosphatome enables functional screening of phosphatases, visualization of phosphatase-substrate relationships, and comparative studies of different phosphatases.

Creative BioMart provides a comprehensive toolbox for global analysis of the phosphatome and exploration of dynamic phosphorylation-dephosphorylation cycles. We have a dedicated team of scientists working exclusively to optimize our phosphatome platform and continue to expand our toolbox to help our customers overcome the unique challenges in phosphorylation research and drug development.

Exploring Our Phosphatome Platform

  • Phosphatome-Wide Screen

    Combining high-throughput phosphatome-wide RNAi screen, high-content microscopy screen, microarrays with in vitro and in vivo phosphatase profiling to reveal the regulation role of phosphatases in cellular signaling networks.

  • Functional Analysis

    A broad array of assays that fully characterize the evolution, diversity, and functions of phosphatases to reveal key regulators of various cellular functions and their role in diseases.

  • Large-Scale Structural Analysis

    Protocols developed and optimized for the expression, purification, crystalization, and characterization of phosphatases allow for large-scale structural analysis of the phosphatome and structure-based drug design.

  • In Silico Analysis

    Utilizing computational tools and databases for a detailed in silico structural, functional, and phylogenetic analysis of the phosphatome to identify the biological properties of phosphatases and predict phosphatase-substrate pairs.

Applications of Our Phosphatome Platform

  • Phosphatome Profiling

    Comprehensive profiling of the phosphatome to produce a global map of phosphatases and contribute to the study of dynamic modulation of the phosphatase interaction networks.

  • Cell Signaling Research

    Global analysis of phosphatases and their role in cellular signaling networks to obtain a thorough understanding of the reversible phosphorylation-dephosphorylation reaction that occurs in virtually all physiological processes.

  • Disease Research

    Mining the role of phosphatases and their targets in health and disease drives novel findings from uncovering the underlying biological mechanisms to identifying novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of diseases.

  • Drug Design & Discovery

    Large-scale analysis of the entire phosphatome can provide a major boost to the development of potential targeted therapeutics and promises to turn previous undruggable targets into druggable.

  • Biomarker Research

    Gain new insights from phosphatome profiles to increase in-depth understanding of disease-relevant pathways to identify diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and advance precision medicine.

Benefits of Our Phosphatome Platform

  • Highly Integration

    Highly Integration

    Integrating diversified techniques and tools, for a more comprehensive profiling of the phosphatome.

  • Wide Applicability

    Wide Applicability

    Applicable to generate phosphatome profiles of a wide range of species (e.g., human and Plasmodium falciparum).

  • High Flexibility

    High Flexibility

    A highly flexible and customizable phosphatome toolbox to meet different scientific needs.

  • Professional Data Analysis

    Professional Data Analysis

    An experienced scientific team helps you analyze large amounts of data to uncover key information.

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