Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production for Phosphorylation Research

Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production for Phosphorylation Research

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Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production for Phosphorylation Research


Creative BioMart is confident to provide our customers with high-quality polyclonal antibodies for their kinase/phosphatase biology research and pharmaceutical development projects. We offer a fully custom service package from antigen preparation to antibody characterization to ensure that our customers receive the required antibodies for their downstream applications as soon as possible.


Polyclonal antibodies are a collection of immunoglobulins produced by different B cell lineages within the body and therefore recognize different epitopes of a single antigen. The production of polyclonal antibodies generally begins with immunization. Subsequently polyclonal antibodies can be obtained directly from the serum or by purification to obtain a solution free of other serum proteins. Compared to monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies have the advantage of being relatively quick, inexpensive, and easy to produce. In general, applications in which polyclonal antibodies work well include ELISA, flow cytometry, gel precipitation, immunostaining, immunoblotting, immune-affinity chromatography, and neutralization of antigen activity.

Compared to transcriptional and translational control mechanisms, post-translational protein modification can regulate the activity of target proteins in response to changing conditions during development or in the environment. Phosphorylation, a common post-translational protein modification, alters protein structure and affecting the activity, stability, localization, interactions or folding of proteins. Anti-kinase and anti-phosphatase polyclonal antibodies are useful tools in elucidating the biological roles of kinases/phosphatases and related signaling pathways. An increasing number of phospho-specific polyclonal antibodies have been developed, allowing for high spatial and temporal resolution analysis of modified proteins.

Development and validation of a polyclonal antibody against PY-PTH1R.

Figure 1. Development and validation of a polyclonal antibody against PY-PTH1R. (Qiu T, et al., 2018)


Creative BioMart has extensive experience in custom polyclonal antibody production. We have advanced technology platforms and professional scientific team to maximize the chance of producing polyclonal antibodies with high titer and high-affinity within a short period of time.

  • Both peptide antigens and proteins antigens provided by customers are accepted, or we can help you prepare antigens.
  • Fully support for all types of polyclonal antibody and all steps of production process.
  • Capable of manufacturing antibodies in large quantities.

Service Options

Creative BioMart offers a wide range of flexible and customizable service options to handle projects of all levels of complexity. Whether the production process is challenging or has specific screening requirements, we will do our best to optimize the custom project to perfectly meet your research requirements.

Host Species
Chicken Goat Guinea Pig
Hamster Llamas Mouse
Rabbit Rat Sheep
Additional Services
Custom antigen preparation and characterization Affinity purification Antibody engineering
Antibody fragmentation ELISA assay development Scale up

If you can't find what you are looking for in the options above, please fill out the online inquiry form and let us know more details.

Standard Service Process

Standard Service Process



Creative BioMart provides comprehensive and flexible custom polyclonal antibody production services to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our advanced technology platform coupled with a large product portfolio has enabled us to successfully complete numerous challenging projects, helping our customers save time and effort. A large collection of ready-to-use polyclonal antibodies is also available.

If you are interested in our services or products, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Qiu T, et al. IGF-I induced phosphorylation of PTH receptor enhances osteoblast to osteocyte transition. Bone research, 2018, 6(1): 1-12.
For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.