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The kinome of an organism is defined as a subset of the genome consisting of genes encoding protein kinases. Kinomics is considered to be a combination of genomics and proteomics. Considered as a combination of genomics and proteomics, kinomics has become an emerging scientific field involving the study of global kinase activity. Defining the kinome has provided an excellent starting point for appreciating the central role of kinases in complex networks of phosphorylation-based signaling that are involved in the regulation of virtually all cellular activities. Kinomics approaches can also combine an understanding of drugs and targets to help discover new targets for existing drugs or to understand drug-target interactions.

Creative BioMart offers an advanced integrated kinomics platform to help our customers deciphering kinomes in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Our platform is applicable to multiple species, including humans. Whether you are trying to elucidate complex phosphorylation signaling pathways or identify potential druggable kinase targets, our kinomics platform is ready to support you.

Exploring Our Kinomics Platform

  • Functional Kinomics

    Combining high-throughput kinome RNAi screening, in vitro and in vivo kinase profiling with extensive separation and detection techniques to achieve a comprehensive functional characterization of the kinome.

  • Systems Kinomics

    Combining large-scale and high-throughput systems biology approaches with a variety of databases and analytics tools to fully understand the kinase signaling pathways and their central role in cellular function and diseases development.

  • Chemical Kinomics

    Combining chemical genomics, chemical proteomics, chemical strategies, and kinase biology to decipher complex phosphorylation signaling networks and identify druggable kinase targets.

  • Kinomic Array

    Combined antibody arrays, arrayed siRNA libraries and species-specific peptide kinome arrays for large-scale identification of protein kinase substrate networks and elucidation of phosphorylation-mediated signal transduction.

Applications of Our Kinomics Platform

  • Kinome Profiling

    Comprehensively analysis of kinase abundance, activity, substrate specificity, structure, and phosphorylation status to give a global map of the kinome.

  • Cell Signaling Research

    Global analysis of kinases and complex kinase signaling networks to obtain a thorough understanding of cellular function in physiological and pathological states.

  • Disease Research

    Fully understanding kinases and their targets involved in diseases to identify the signaling pathways changed by certain diseases and elucidate the pathogenic mechanisms of diseases.

  • Drug Design & Discovery

    High-throughput studies of the entire kinome drive the discovery of novel therapeutic targets and the development of potential targeted drugs, especially kinase inhibitors.

  • Biomarker Research

    Gain new insights from kinomic analysis to increase in-depth understanding of disease-relevant pathways to identify diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and advance precision medicine.

Benefits of Our Kinomics Platform

  • Highly Integration

    Highly Integration

    Integrating diversified techniques, equipment, and databases for a more comprehensive kinome profiling.

  • Wide Applicability

    Wide Applicability

    Applicable to generate kinome profiles of a wide range of species to meet different scientific purposes.

  • High Flexibility

    High Flexibility

    Highly flexible kinomics toolbox with customized services and solutions for diverse customer needs.

  • Professional Data Analysis

    Professional Data Analysis

    An experienced scientific team helps you analyze large amounts of data to uncover key information.

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