Overall Solutions for Phosphatases

Overall Solutions for Phosphatases

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Overall Solutions for Phosphatases


Creative BioMart is a trusted phosphatase solution provider that can accelerate the cutting-edge projects of our customers with a portfolio of high-quality products and customized services. Our experienced and skilled scientists are dedicated to providing overall solutions for phosphatase research and drug discovery to help our customers save time and effort.

Introduction to Phosphatases

As important post-translational modifications (PTMs), phosphorylation and dephosphorylation are involved in most cellular processes. The continuous balance between phosphorylation and dephosphorylation events mediated by kinases and phosphatases plays a critical role in health and disease. These emphasize the importance of studying the biological functions of phosphatases and their great potential as therapeutic targets. Conventional molecular and biochemical methods have demonstrated that phosphatases are more structurally diverse than kinases, making phosphatase research and drug discovery more difficult and challenging than for kinases. In recent years, the development and advancement of technical methods and research tools, such as cellular imaging and chemical biology, have propelled the field of phosphatase biology to flourish, setting new insights for the study of cellular signaling and the development of novel drugs targeting phosphatases.

Reversible phosphorylation by kinase and phosphatase.

Figure 1. Reversible phosphorylation by kinase and phosphatase. (Ha J, et al., 2019)

Overall Solutions

  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio

    Creative BioMart offers a complete portfolio of high-quality phosphatase-related products, including phosphatase antibodies, gene editing tools, phosphatase cells & biological fluids, and small molecules targeting phosphatases to fully support phosphatase research and exploration of dephosphorylation events.

  • Tailored-Made Services

    Creative BioMart is specialized in phosphatase screening & profiling as well as phosphatase substrate identification. Our scientists offer their expertise to develop and validate in vitro and in vivo assays to help our customers achieve their desired outcomes.

  • Advanced Technology Platform

    Creative BioMart provides innovative researchers with a core technology platform covering a variety of advanced technologies such as mass spectrometry, FRET, biosensors, and high-throughput screening to help them turn their ideas into reality.

  • Extending Phosphatome Coverage

    Creative BioMart provides overall solutions with complete coverage of phosphatase families. We have developed several approaches for phosphatome-wide screen and analysis to identify druggable phosphatases and find solutions to undruggable phosphatases.

Creative BioMart is a leading biotechnology company with many years of experience in kinase/phosphatase biology research and drug development. We provide full support to help understand the biological role of phosphatases in health and disease. We will work closely with our customers to drug the undruggable phosphatase and accelerate their drug development pipeline.

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