Mobility Shift Assays

Mobility Shift Assays

Mobility Shift Assays


Creative BioMart offers advanced mobility shift assays for the detection of kinase activity, helping our customers with their kinase biology research and drug discovery. Our talented scientific team is able to provide our customers with unparalleled expertise and experience in kinase biology and pharmaceutical research.


Kinases are an important family of proteins that regulate the activity of their substrates by catalyzing their phosphorylation. They play a key role as key modulators of cellular signaling events and are involved in numerous and diverse processes, such as cell differentiation, cell apoptosis, gene transcription, and cell signaling. Kinases are particularly prominent in cell signaling. The interaction of different kinases leads to different outcomes in response to stimuli and thus affects cell fate. Aberrant kinase signaling has been linked to a wide range of diseases such as cancer, neurological diseases, and diabetes. Because of their importance in cellular decision making and pathogenesis of multiple diseases, there is tremendous interest in measuring the activity levels of cellular kinases.

The main principle of mobility shift assay is that phosphorylated substrates are more negatively charged than the unphosphorylated one. Therefore, there is differences in electrophoretic mobility of these mixtures. Fluorescently-labeled peptide substrates are generally used in this assay. After the kinase reaction, the phosphorylated and unphosphorylated peptides with different charge can be separated in the electric field. The ability of mobility shift assays to real-time monitor the activity and kinetics of kinases, coupled with the fact that this technique allows for accurate quantitation of both substrates and products, makes it a good candidate for kinetic and mechanistic studies of kinases.

Different electrophoretic mobilities of unphosphorylated and phosphorylated peptide substrates.

Figure 1. Different electrophoretic mobilities of unphosphorylated and phosphorylated peptide substrates. (Cheow L F, et al., 2014)

Our Services

Creative BioMart has developed a concentration-enhanced mobility shift assay with high sensitivity for the detection of kinase activity. Electrokinetic preconcentration is used to realize a continuous signal amplification. Our advanced microfluidic systems can provide great potential and promise for cell handling and single cell analysis with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Our scientific team can offer you their expertise to help you accelerate your success.

Our Advantages

  • Customized mobility shift assays according to our customers’ needs.
  • Optimum protocols fully appropriate for your research purposes.
  • A scientific team with a wealth of experience and knowledge.
  • Efficient services with guaranteed turnaround times.

Creative BioMart is an advanced biotech company within the field of kinase/phosphatase biology. We offer our expertise in establishing assays for kinase screening & profiling. A large collection of ready-to-use kinase activity assay kits are also available to help our customers save precious time. If there are any additional requirements needed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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